Picked Last

by Underdog Champs

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released May 30, 2015

Recorded and Produced by Tom Graham at Summation Audio
All Songs by Underdog Champs, copyright 2015
Additional guitars on tracks 1 and 2 by Tyler Mazza


all rights reserved



Underdog Champs Richmond, Virginia

When no longer tied to a specific genre, bands are free to create the best songs they can without fear of pigeonholing their sound or alienating fans. Underdog Champs sets out to create powerful songs with meaningful lyrics, while not shying away from the breakdown or ballad. ... more

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Track Name: Picked Last
Take two steps back (stop wasting time)
Think about your words and the decision is mine
Best intention with the words results
Best intention with the words results

Keeping quiet to appease the best (I think)
Stop repeating your words and I'll rest
Best intention with the words results
My ears were the punching bags for your thoughts

This whole charade is getting old and I know
It's time to throw the river down and watch them fold

Keep this close, find out what it means to me
I know someday you'll understand
Over and over we keep our composure again

This whole charade is getting old; you better fold.
This is the point of no return
Gloves come off and the bridges burn
Fold the hand you hold; this means the world to me
This is the point of no return
Hear me out, see my heart, and you'll learn
Find out what it means to me

Keep this close; keep it safe and in your chest
Find out what it means

This is the beating in your chest.
Track Name: Sedative
This is where it starts, this is where it ends
Don't think about the sunset again
Inside all the words we know fire fades
But it's still light outside
This is summer nights wrapped up in winter days
Losing our hope now as the music plays
Keep it up all night, tomorrow blurry eyes
But it's still light outside

You fall apart, break through the dark
We keep on searching for the sky at night
Don't look ahead, alive instead
It's never over 'till things don't feel so right

You keep calming me down like a sedative
Keep on saying the words we never meant 'till now
Don't let me get repetitive
Nothing means as much to me as you somehow

A temporary fix, a rebuilt heart at best
Keep your words hid tightly inside your chest
Lust and love intertwine until they feel the same
And then the magic dies
Desperate and dramatic with paper-thin skin
Locked inside a shell of someone to crawl in
Leave me out of your games right now
'cuz now the magic dies

Don't let me get repetitive, don't let me leave

Don't let me leave, just give me one night
I know I'll leave

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